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Vox Digitalis (an ongoing AJAX Project)

Example GURPS Character Sheet


Document Name: Vox Digitalis (The Character Generator)

Date Started: 07/2007

Intended Audience: Initially, players in a tabletop game I was running; later, anyone who might be interested in running a tabletop game with novice players

Purpose/Context: Originally, a tool to be used by friends; eventually, part of the larger Vox Digitalis concept (a collaborative narrative community)

My Comments:

I originally conceived of this project as a tool to help acclimate new or unexperienced players to the rules of tabletop role-playing in a relatively user friendly manner. On further reflection, however, I realized that there was a great deal of potential in a whole roleplaying suite of tools, for both game masters (GMs) and players, that would allow players and GMs to work together at a distance. By providing tools which would enhance the experience of virtual role-playing, this application would further enable players and GMs to create collaborative narratives in a virtual space. Moreover, access to the 'tools of creation' such as they are, will empower players to participate more fully in this collaborative process.

Once the Character Generator is complete, the logical next step will be to begin creating a virtual play space which can interpret the information created by the Character Generator. Here players could participate in games run by game masters, with support from the application in using the characters they have created. By further extending the tools that make up this application, and improving their flexibility, we can encourage a community to form around it, where collective narrative generation and world building can be performed by both GMs and players. The prototype tool as it stands, however, is still very much a work in progress, so please be aware that it may change significantly from it's current state.

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