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Essay 3: Ethics Final

Ethics Essay Screenshot


Document Name: "Rhetoricians of Science: Does the Scientific Community Need Arbiters?"

Date Created: 12/2002

Intended Audience: Instructing Professor

Purpose/Context: To discuss in depth both sides of a moral issue pertaining to an academic or professional discipline

My Comments:

As with many of my undergraduate pieces, the language in this essay is somewhat less polished than my more current writing; but I believe that it is comparatively well written, regardless. I demonstrate an understanding (albeit incomplete) of how to approach and apply cultural and media criticism.

I tried, in this essay, to synthesize the two halves of my education: theoretical technical writing and cultural criticism. My in-degree classes had, until that point, dealt primarily with either the tools of technical writing, or the theories of cultural and literary criticism. I believe that I was largely successful at this, but I would be anxious to refresh and improve my skills in this arena.

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