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Essay 2: Issues of Multimedia Authoring

Final Presentation Screenshot


Document Name: Final Essay & Presentation

Date Created: 11/2003

Intended Audience: The instructing professor for the paper, other classmates for the presentation

Purpose/Context: To prepare a 10+ page paper on a topic pertaining to an issue in multimedia development, and to present a presentation lasting at least 20 minutes on that topic before the rest of the class.

My Comments:

This paper (and the accompanying presentation) was a precursor of sorts to the essay discussed here. It discusses in some detail the nature of Virtual Agents and the need for flexible teaching tools, eventually proposing the use of these tools to supplement current educational practices.

This class, which was part of my minor in Multimedia Development, helped to spark my interest in the use of multimedia tools for educational purposes. This interest ultimately led me to apply to the HCI program (focusing in Digital Media).

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