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Essay 1: Intelligent Tutoring Systems

Undergrad Research Paper


Document Name: The Role of Intelligent Tutoring Systems in K-12 Special Education

Date Created: 05/2004

Intended Audience: Supervising Professor (implied additional audience: Pertinent Research Journals)

Purpose/Context: Independent project undertaken to research a specific facet of educational technology, producing a literature review of a period covering at least 5 years.

My Comments:

While this essay (and my undergraduate work in general) is somewhat less polished than my more recent work, it is still a respectable example of the independent research work I have done. The resulting document covers nearly 10 years of research and study on the use of intelligent tutoring systems, or agents, as pedagogical tools.

I initiated this research project to gain more experience in approaching long-term research projects, with the eventual goal of submitting an article for publication. While my professor and I decided against publication in the end, I did learn a great deal about approaching and writing a paper of this length.

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