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Lesson Plan 3: Compile Reports

The Compile Reports Lesson Plan Screen Capture


Document Name: The Compiling Reports Lesson Plan

Date Created: 06/2005

Intended Audience: Administrative Personnel of Home Health Agencies

Purpose/Context: This document was specifically requested by a member of the Education department, to use as an instructional tool for a specific agency.

My Comments:

This is one of the first 'lesson plans' which I wrote almost entirely independantly, working without a design and with very little input from the initial requestor. I am still pleased with the resulting document, but I believe my writing has dramatically improved from what is seen here.

As it happened, the documentation for this pre-exisitng feature was rather thin, and few clients were using it to it's full potential. At the request of an educator, and to assist in the continuing education of a client, I produced this lesson plan. While this document was originally intended for a single agency, it quickly became a popular reference document for the Education department, and was eventually released to all client agencies.

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