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Lesson Plan 2: Patient Statements

Enhanced Patient Statements Lesson Plan Screen Capture


Document Name: The Enhanced Patient Statements Lesson Plan

Date Created: 02/2006

Intended Audience: Home Health Caretakers and Billing Personnel

Purpose/Context: Twofold: 1) To alert Home Health Agencies to changes in the Patient Statement creation process; 2) To describe the newly constructed Patient Statement form and prepare agencies to use it.

My Comments:

This lesson plan was written half-way through my second year at PtCT. I was at that time beginning to take on a larger role in the production of release-related documentation, so my work on this lesson plan (as with the remainder of the release documention) was primarily self-directed.

In the creation of this lesson plan, I worked very closely with both the primary programmer and the designer, producing a document that was widely praised by both clients and the internal support team for its thoroughness and accessibility.

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