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Lesson Plan 1: The General Lesson Plan



Document Name: The Fall General 2006 Release Lesson Plan

Date Created: 10/2006

Intended Audience: Home Health Caretakers and Billing Personnel

Purpose/Context: To provide a capsule description of every major enhancement in a release; created for the benefit of both clients and internal support.

My Comments:

This lesson plan was the first large-scale test of a new type of lesson plan I developed during my work on the 'General Release of 2006.' It was the largest code release in several years, and the first release I wrote entirely by myself. It was a somewhat overwhelming amount of work, but knowing all of the changes being made so intimately allowed me to notice what the designers, programmers, and QA analysts had missed: that this release was too large for most agencies to handle without additional guidance from both the documentation and from our internal support team. In attempting to provide that help, I created this document, and worked to develop a closer relationship with the Client Liaisons, helping them to better respond to client inquiries. In the process, I helped to reduce the size of the release email, by including information in this lesson plan that would otherwise have appeared in email format.

As both a proof of concept and a practical document, I am quite pleased with this lesson plan. It served both clients and support personnel admirably, helped to bridge the gap between internal support and production, and showed that I was capable of distilling an enormous release into something manageable for clients.

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