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Project 3: Re-Designing the 'Date Book' Feature of the Palm Pilot

Palm Pilot Re-Design Project


Document Name: 'Date Book' Re-Design

Date Created: 12/2003

Intended Audience: Instructors

Purpose/Context: To re-design the Palm Pilot 'Date Book' application, using reasoning derived from extensive usability analysis.

My Comments:

This paper documents the process by which my project group analyzed the usability issues of the 'Date Book' application and the changes we proposed to fix them. While this paper demonstrates my basic familiarity with the methods and practice of usability testing, it has been several years since I've had a chance to directly work with any of those tools, and I am looking forward to the opportunity to study them in more depth.

This class marked my first significant exploration into the field of usability testing and design, a field that I am still interested in today.

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