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Project 2: Cutler-Hammer Power-PDA Re-Design



Document Name: "Cutler Hammer Power-PDA: Fine Tuning Usability Engineering"

Date Created: 12/2003

Intended Audience: Supervising Professors

Purpose/Context: Document the status of our project at the end of the semester, explaining what was and wasn't accomplished

My Comments:

In my role as primary communications liaison for my group, I naturally wrote our final paper as well. In it, I discuss the details of our work with Cutler-Hammer, the methods we used to produce that work, and our final recommendations to any group that followed us. It is extremely intensive, but I believe it to be thorough, and its length appropriate to describing the work we accomplished that semester.

I wrote and edited this paper together out of a series of documents provided to the Cutler-Hammer team, supplementing it where appropriate with information that our professors would require, but the Cutler-Hammer team would not.

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