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Project 1: Astro-E2 Re-Design


Document Name: Design an Element Poster & Identify Elements in Supernova Remnants

Date Created: 5/2004

Intended Audience: The Astro E2 Team (NASA HEASARC group), High School Students, & High School Teachers

Purpose/Context: To redesign the provided educational materials to make them more accessible to high school-aged students and faculty.

My Comments:

This assignment was part of the final group project for my Instructional Design course. As the final product was not exclusively my own work, I have only included the two lessons that I worked exclusively on. For this project, I worked closely with two other students to re-write and re-design the educational materials that had already been created, supplementing and revising as necessary. In this group, I took on a supervisory role in designing the new format, and QA testing that format on a variety of audiences.

Another group in the class created the html templates, but I have included those versions of the lessons I wrote to demonstrate the approximate final product. For reasons I am not aware of, however, the re-designed information was never posted on NASA's 'Imagine the Universe' website.

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