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Piece 2: Garden Terrace in Dis

Garden Terrace


Document Name: The Suicide Grove, with Watchers

Date Created: 09/2007

Intended Audience: N/A

Purpose/Context: Undertaken to learn how to use Photoshop textures & global illumination in a Maya scene

My Comments:

This scene is essentially a belabored reference to The Divine Comedy, with a bit of Greek and Lovecraftian mythology thrown in. Specifically, I sought to recreate a piece of Dante's seventh circle of Hell, specifically the grove of suicides, as a sort of terraced garden (minus the harpies and dogs). To fill in for the thorny underbrush, I created some panoptic fern plants and scaled vinewood plants. Not exactly a coherent mythological picture, but it does make for an interesting and unsettling tableaux.

This was quite a lot of fun to produce, both for the variety of the objects it included, and the degree to which it stretched my skills with Maya. The objects were created out of a variety of basic shapes and rotated planes, and the terrace itself is made of trimmed planes (so it can be re-sized easily). The lighting is a fairly standard bit of three-point lighting using complementary tones, to produce an even, natural light. The global illumination and linear light decay makes the rendered image on the whole a bit darker, but the light dispersal and the shadows produced are much more natural looking. I made all of the textures (besides the ashy ground and the Gustave Doré illustration projected against the back wall) by hand using Photoshop.

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