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Piece 1: Chibithulu



Document Name: Chibithulu

Date Created: 08/2007

Intended Audience: N/A

Purpose/Context: Undertaken to learn basic modeling, lighting, & camera work in Maya

My Comments:

This project, like many of those appearing in the Art category, was undertaken for my own edification and amusement rather than for any particular audience; so its subject matter can be attributed to the nexus between my rather odd sense of humor and my Maya skills as they stood at the beginning of this project. In other words, I needed a sufficiently complex object to challenge myself, but one that was cartoonish enough not to require too much in the way of realism. Thus a doll, in the form of the least likely fictional character to ever participate in a tea party.

To continue with the doll motif, I originally intended to produce a plush-textured model (like a teddy bear). Unfortunately, I soon ran into complications with lighting the fur; and in the interest of simplicity, I went with a slightly matte solid color. I do hope to work more with hair and fur in the future, but it fell out of the scope of this project to indefinitely troubleshoot fur shadows.

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