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Piece 1: Informational Video

Informational Video


Document Name: Informational Video

Date Created: 10/2008

Intended Audience: N/A

Purpose/Context: As an assignment for my Visual Design & Culture class, I created an informational video about the process and science of arc welding in Flash.

My Comments:

Presented with the opportunity to create a visual informational video, I immediately leapt for a subject that I knew almost nothing about, but desperately wanted (and still want) to learn: arc welding. The lack of practical knowledge really shows, I think; but it has a kind of goofy ernestness to it that I quite like. Goofiness that allows it to work pretty well as a sort of faux technical-college introduction to the art and practice of arc welding. As with most of my work, I can't leave well enough alone, so I'm still meddling with this: adding more inter-material to accentuate the "early 90s-era, look at our fancy camera cuts" instructional video feel, and looking for some kitschy music to add.

Since the assignment required us to use 'found' materials, and I had no access to a welding studio in any case, the photographs used in this video are not my own. I have been meaning to create a 'Credits' page, but have not found the time to re-find all of the images I used, so that I can properly credit the photographers.

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