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Piece 3: Torchbearers



Document Name: Torchbearers

Date Created: 11/2008

Intended Audience: N/A

Purpose/Context: Class assignment in graphic programing using Processing for an intro-level programming course.

My Comments:

In the essential Lovecraftian story, either the protagonist goes mad, or everyone dies. Working from that basic idea, I created three actor types: Citizens, Torchbearers, and Shoggoths. Torchbearers protect citizens, and both are eaten by shoggoths. Since Lovecraftian stories are essentially nihilist, given enough time, the shoggoths will always win. Ultimately I decided not to use the braitenberg starter code, mostly due to speed issues.

What I would have loved to do, but couldn't quite figure out, was how to get the torchbearers to actually illuminate the applet. Ideally, I would have had a transluscent 'fog' image overlaying everything, impeding visibility over everything but the torchbearers (making it difficult to see what is attacking the citizens), but I couldn't quite work that out, so intead there are just drifting clouds.

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