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Piece 2: Typewriter in Yellow

Miskatonic Computer Science Department


Document Name: Text Machines

Date Created: 10/2008

Intended Audience: N/A

Purpose/Context: Class assignment in graphic programing using Processing for an intro-level programming course.

My Comments:

As a designer and a writer, I am particularly interested in the aesthetics of psychological horror; and how to create an unsettling atmosphere out of mundane elements. Here, I have tried to take the mundane (a text editor), and reimagine it as a vehicle for hallucinatory revelations. The text will always be re-written as "The King in Yellow" over time, in part as a comentary on it's mythologically inescapable quality. (In the ChambersŐs text, those who have read "The King in Yellow" are repeatedly drawn to it, eventually becoming incapable of reading anything else).

"Typewriter in Yellow" is an implemention of a typewriter-like interface that appears to, over time, becomes possessed and generates the text of Robert Chambers's Lovecraftian novella "The King in Yellow". By utilizing sound, color, and typography, I am drawing clear distinctions between the text which the user enters, and that which is read from an external file (for the sake of clarity, I've selected a handful of passages, rather than the complete novella).

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