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Piece 1: Water Clock

Persistent Time Piece


Document Name: Water Clock

Date Created: 07/2007

Intended Audience: N/A

Purpose/Context: Introductory experiment in graphic programing using Processing

My Comments:

Having taken it upon myself to begin re-learning how to program, I ran across the Computation as an Expressive Medium curricula, and lifted the idea for this project. It is, in a round sense of the word, a clock, which reads the system clock of the machine it is being run on. A sun and moon travel along the outer rim of the bowl to denote the day/night cycle, droplets of water fall into the cup to denote the passage of minutes, and ripples move outward toward the edge of the bowl every ten seconds.

While only a fraction of my original design has been accomplished thus far (see here for a detailed list of what has and has not been completed), this is still a work in progress, and I will undoubtedly finish it before long. Although it is imperfectly executed, I am reasonably pleased with the resulting artifact. It demonstrates a basic familiarity with Processing and graphic programming techniques, and while it is not currently interactive, I feel confident that I could introduce interactive elements into the design with little difficulty.

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